BEAUTY SHOWER filter for healthy skin

$49 (available for order/delivery)

ឧបករណ៍ចម្រោះទឹកផ្កាឈូក បំបាត់ភាពមិនស្អាត ក្លរីន ដែលមានគ្រោះថ្នាក់នៅក្នុងទឹកក្នុងពេលងូតទឹក។ វាការពារការវិវត្តនៃប្រតិកម្មអាឡែហ្ស៊ីនិងការរបកស្បែក។

The BARRIER Comfort filter removes harmful chlorine impurities in water during taking shower. It prevents the development of allergic reactions and skin desquamation.

Features :

Safety and efficiency Special sorbent fights effectively against active chlorine.

The use of the BARRIER Comfot favors slowed skin tightness after taking a shower.

Reduce directly absorbtion of chlorine
Cartridge Life : about 120 days for 2 persons, about 90 days for 3 persons and about 60 days for 4 persons which depending on te quality of water source.

Dimension: 5x7x23 cm.

Weight : 0.4 kg.

Dimension : 5x7x23 cm.

Colour : Silver

Country of Brand Origin : Russia

Manufacturing : Russia

Material : plastic Silver color

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